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Embedded Software Services

Our team of highly capable software and firmware engineers will work with you
to design and develop production quality embedded software. We have a
software team that will work with you and develop detailed system
and software specifications and then turn them into reliable, modular and well-
documented designs. Several members of our software t
eam have training in
electrical engineering and digital circuit design. This has helped our clients t
hrink delivery timelines on high-end software development.

We have successfully executed a number of complex designs using FPGA’s,
CPLDs, System-on-Chips (SOC) based on a wide range of ARM and MIPS
processors, e.g. CortexA8, ARM11, ARM9/7 and MIPS32. These processors
run real time operating systems (OS) e.g. embedded Linux, uC-OSII/III,
TOS, etc. We have done customization of these OS’s based on client
needs and the particular SOC they used in their design. Numerous designs
from our company have been based on 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers where
a dedicated critical task was performed by these controllers. In our designs,
we have used SOC’s from leading manufacturers
like Texas Instrument,
FreeScale, Atmel, NXP, MicroChip, Altera (NIOS) and Xilinx (ARM).

Modern systems demand that all embedded devices have connectivity via
WiFi / Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID. We have implemented these
connectivity solutions for several clients so that the end user can communicate
with the outside world seamlessly.

Most of our clients require GUI software for their end products or during system
bring-up/ validation/production stages. We have developed several  
PC/Linux/MAC-OS based GUI front-end software for different platforms. We
have expertise in developing GUI software using Microsoft .Net  technologies -
C#, WPF and for Linux –QT. For board validation and software QA purpose, we
have also provided scripting tools using Perl, Python and TCL/TK.

As the technology is migrating towards mobile platforms and the cloud, we
have developed mobile software that runs on iPhone/iPad, Android and
Windows Mobile platform. Our services include development of device
drivers, firmware, protocol and stack implementation along with development of
tools, utilities, emulators – simulators and IDE.

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