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    Our clients have included  Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett
    Packard, Intel, Boston Scientific and Lockheed Martin, startups including
    Cepheid, Cardiac Pathways, Novasonics, Netpulse Communications,
    Novalux, Miramar Labs, Mobius Photonics, and premier academic
    institutions such as Stanford University.

                           A Sampling of Our Completed Projects:

  • Designed ARM-based, FPGA-timed WiFi instrument for a state-of-the-art
    DNA analysis instrument. Turnkey hardware and software delivery.

  • Designed optical trains for Nd:YAG laser frequency stabilization using
    ultra-stable ULE cavities and Iodine spectroscopy. Designed Pound-
    Drever-Hall cavity locking electronics.

  • Designed mixed signal control and power electronics for high-power RF
    generators for sweat gland reduction in a medical application.

  • Designed the architecture of a high-average-power eye-safe Cr:YAG
    regenerative laser amplifier system operating at 1550 nm for machining

  • Developed system architecture and designed patented ultrasonic
    circuitry for GeneXpert®, a fully automated DNA analysis instrument.

  • Designed control electronics for a real-time position management
    system (RPM™) for diagnostic mapping of complex arrhythmias by  
    providing a 3D graphical display of the heart's electrical activity.

  • Developed high reliability, radiation-hard digital communication buses
    for the gyroscope suspension system of the Gravity Probe B Project.

  • Designed high-speed, high-voltage and mixed-signal circuit boards for
    NASA used for testing mission-critical communications equipment
    aboard the space shuttle
Our Clients and Projects
A Sample of Our Clients:
SNN Electronics, Inc. •